New year resolutions!!


My past year has been filled with excitement and has been packed with a lot of change. I was also able to spend it with my friends and family the ones I love. There have been a lot of changes but they have always been by my side. This past year, looking back, I can see how far I have come; how I have grown, and become how I am today.

Enough about the past it’s a new year let’s look forward. I have no idea what this year has in stock for me but I hope it’s good.

There a few reasons I have a set of resolutions. First of all it helps me know what I want to achieve – It helps me keep track of what I wanted at the beginning year and how far I have come. I have these resolutions because it helps me grow as a person and constantly pushes me forward to achieve more.

Now down to what my resolutions are – These don’t have to be the same as yours and some may not seem as important to you as others but these are the things I want to achieve by the end of my year.

Start a blog – I have always loved writing but I have never really had a way to show others, I use to mostly write for myself.

Take more pictures – I have a love for photography, so this year I am going to save up to try and buy myself a camera – and maybe take a few class to learn some techniques and skills.

Read more- I love reading but I have fallen out of the habit of reading so I am going to start spending some time doing more. The target is years going to be 24 books. I know that is not very many for the whole year, but I, myself have read more than 24 books in past years when I once was really into reading.

Be more active- There are a few ways in which I would like to do this. First of all I would like to come to a habit of running everyday in the morning. I would also like to do more classes in my gym to increase my general fitness – and it fun! I always enjoy it.

Eat healthy- Just to add a little bit more fruits and vegetables into my diet as well as trying as many different types of food as I can.

– This one is not really a goal but something I would love to do and that is to go to holiday in a different country that I haven’t been to – that would be amazing.

These are my New Year’s resolutions for this year, things I would like to do and like to add to my life to grow and develop as a person. Tell me what you think about my resolutions and tell me what yours are in the comments.

Have a lovely day…


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