Sometime the line between friends and family is a bit blur

Well since coming to university, I have found myself considering my friends more and more like family but its days like this that makes it difficult to call them anything less. I can’t tell you when exactly it changed there isn’t one partially act or day after which I can say I started calling them my family.

For someone like me, who is so close to her family, loving and cherishing even the smallest things that we did together. Someone who was so dependent on them to cheer her up after a bad day, relied on them to have her back, it was very difficult to move away. Moving to university was one of the most exciting and stressful times of my life. But it is one of those things I would have regretted if I had never had done it. It is an experience in itself and you start to learn a lot about yourself and who you are.

But one thing people never tell you is how difficult it is to watch your family from the outside, not be part of the everyday joke or even conversation. You start missing the small things like baking together, or even sitting around the table to have dinner, and the random conversations that you have with your parents (which I might add you hated while living at home). Even the agreement that you had with your siblings over pretty much pointless things.

However when you come away to university you start doing these small things with your friends, you start cooking together, sit around eating together or even start having movie nights like the once you had at home ( well without the argument of which movie to put on or even the fight over the popcorn ). But of course it wouldn’t be the same it will be different, it will a whole new experience and you get to know your friend more than you thought you could or even thought possible.

I know after this point the change was made, that my friends where truly like my family, and I remember that day very fondly. It started like any other day but it was the first time we were all in lectures together after the long break after Christmas and being at home and not see any of my friend for ages. We had lots to catch up on and we were just chatting away, when we came up with just going out and getting lunch.

As we wonder into town in search of a place to eat, I remember just looking around and thinking how free we were with each other and how easily we got on. We were chatting laughing and care free.

We decided to eat at zizzi’s one where I already have a very fond memories of but never have been to this particular one. As we waited to be seated as my eyes wondered around the place, I noticed how homely, rustic and although dim compared to the bright day outside, it created perfect atmosphere and level of ambience that help set stage for the perfect lunch.

As we sat around the perfectly round table I realised, that it not the food (although I have to say it was delicious and yummy as hell) nor the place (which was of course perfect and homely) nor the conversation (where we spoke about everything and anything you would think of) but the people I was with. We joked around, poke fun at things we have done, and laughed and just enjoyed each other’s company.

It was just how they made me feel, it was the love and care. It was the feeling of comfort and knowing that whatever you tell them, they will understand and back you. It was the fact they cared for me and the will support me. They are my friends, bestfriends even brothers and sisters even my mum and dad. They were who I need them to be when I need them.

Sometimes you become good friends with people you least expect, so stop caring about what you’re doing, where you are and start enjoying the company. Most time that all you remember and that all that really matters.

I glad to have meet these very special people at university….

Have a lovely day…



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