Just looking around us……

As human we spend a lot of time worrying about ourselves and everything that is happening around us and making sure we are not being left out or that we do miss anything. But sometime if we take a step back and just look around. Not just look but look so that you see the people, so you can see that not everyone can see.

We you see a person more than what they are showing on the surface, that when you become a true friend. However some people are really good at letting you see just what on the surface but I bet you if you spend enough time actually looking and being a good friend you will be able to see.

We need really friend that can tell when something is wrong and know when to have your back even when you don’t say anything. When you haven’t admitted to ourselves yet. That is a true friend and that is the kind of friend that we need and work towards being.

This is important because you don’t want to go through life and spend so much time with people over the years doing think and not really know who you are. How being able to have your back when you need them the most.

So we have to start with ourselves and be a good friend to the people around us, know them more then what they do and what names are. Know how they react, what their morals are and what affects them. Understand things that they are not telling. Let learn to be good friend to someone else and stop self-obsessing.

Have a lovely day…


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