Things I am thankful for….

During the last few days I have seen on all the different social media, where people have been posting how bad or horrible this year has been. However I have not yet seen any post indicating how lucky they have been this year. So I will like make this post about all the good and all the thing that has bee going for me this year. I believe that looking on the positive side of all the experience helps us make the most of the situation. Don’t get me wrong, some very horrible things has happened in my life but I know for a fact that some people have gone through way worse. So I want to give thanks to all the good and the bad that has happened in my life this year.

This year I have learned a lot about myself, I have grown, I am more mature. I know who I am. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have more to learn about myself but means that I am comfortable in my own skin. I know many people struggle this in this day and age. For me being a girl, living abroad and having a different background and upbringing, meant that I was always trying to fit in. I have heard many people use the excuse that kids are mean, the way you treat other people says a lot about your parents and your believes.

I am very thankful for my mum, she is my rock. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her. She is my role model, she is my inspiration and she is who I inspire to be. If I could be half of the person she is, I will be more than happy. I glad I could get closer to her this year and I am thankful I can have her by my side.

I am thankful for my true friends, best friends and my family, for I wouldn’t have recovered from some of the worse day of this year without you guys. I am glad to have meet you and I hope I can be there for you if you ever need me.

I am thankful for all the thing that has happened to me this year, for I have learned and grown from these experience. I am thankful for my health and all the amazing thing I have been able to do this year. I couldn’t  list all of the things I am thankful, it goes on and on. Instead of a making a list of all the horrible things that has happened to you, I would like to consider all the good things that has happen or all the thing that you are thankful for this year.

Stay positive and have a lovely day my people…..


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