Love and Happiness

It is the month of February and valentine day is just around the corner. I have been having a few conversation with my friends, some are older, some are in relationships and some are single. But one thing I have realized is that many people do not enjoy or look for to Valentine’s Day any more. This year I am single however I am not sad or miserable or hate the thought of being single during this time. Many people are under the impression that it just over commercialized, and many people only by their partner’s chocolate, flowers and present during this time because they have to.

I however highly disagree with this motion of thinking, maybe because I was very spoiled in the past where I do believe all that was said in the card, the flower that was brought and chocolate that I shared with my partner was out of love. Not because we had to, or we expected that from each other but wanted to.

I hate that many people these day only see the negative, see acts of kindness and love as nothing more than Instagram pictures or snapchat story.

Do things for love and out of love, let’s be happy in the happiness of others….

Have a lovely day……



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