I am talking about all the time we say ‘when I am older, I wish I could be…’ and ‘when I am older, I want to be’. Come on we all said that more than once over the years. Well for myself I have changed what I wanted to be more than a few time, and I have had few questionable dream of what I wanted to be.

A few different things have influenced the people I wanted to be when I grew up. From the way they dress to, to what they do and most of all how they are portrayed in TV shows that I love. I wanted to be a lawyer while I watched Suites and a surgeon while I watch Grey’s Anatomy. Come on you know what I mean, you have done it too.

Even now I am in university I still change my mind and sometimes say I want to be a doctor, lawyer or even a pilot. Then I stop myself and say it a bit late for that. But the other day my friend stop me and said don’t be so stupid. Told me I still could still change my mind and I can be whoever I wanted to be. Just because I chose to study one subject doesn’t mean that I have to stick to it. If I change my mind and wanted to be something else I should run with it.

One thing he pointed out to me is that, as we grow older our dreams change. We make some of them come true and we should always have dreams and that we are not growing as a person if we don’t dream. We should always aspiring to be a something more, something better.

So always have a dream, dream big and make positive steps toward them to make them come true. Achieve the dreams, have new dreams once and achieve them too. Remember you’re never too old to have a dream or to change your dream or even to have a new one.

So make a positive step towards your dream today, take that step today. Make that difference today and make the dream in to tomorrow’s reality.

Have a lovely day guys…..



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